5 questions to ask yourself when choosing a fitness programme

5 questions to ask yourself when choosing a fitness programme

By: Gem Blight
13th January 2020
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With So Many Fitness Platforms To Choose From, How Can You Know Which Is Best For You?

With so many different fitness plans and products on the market nowadays, it can be confusing which programme is best for YOU in the first place! Want to make a change but not sure what to look out for? Have lots of fitness program questions? Let's begin with saying that sucking an 'appetite suppressing' lollipop is NOT going to get you the results you're after so... AVOID AVOID AVOID!

5 questions you should consider when choosing a fitness programme:

1. Does the proposed programme offer a free trial?

If you don't need to be paying upfront for a programme you've never used before, then why risk it? Find a programme with a free trial to see whether its right for you!

2. Does the programme have the style of workouts you like?

You're more than likely to stick to something if you enjoy it! Don't get me wrong, you should always try out new styles but if you find a style you enjoy that works... then amazing!  

3. Is there a Nutrition plan that you can follow alongside?

Not only is nutrition important for weight loss, it also has huge importance for health improvement. A 'weight-loss DVD' may offer an eating plan, but it'll only ever be one plan which may not be enjoyable or personalised to your individual needs, thus compliance will be zero.

4. Does the solution offer an empowering community?

Studies have shown that exercise communities provide a powerful combination of support, accountability, motivation and in some cases, healthy competition!

5. Is it honest & credible?

Lollipops & teas promoted by money driven influencers... do you really think they're going to work and provide you with lasting results in the long run?  Make sure you follow a reliable programme with credibility and not one that is full of s***!

The best advice I can give you is, follow a fitness & nutrition plan which you enjoy and can actually stick to! 

So... looking for a programme with a free trial, a variety of workouts styles, alongside an individualised nutrition plan and an empowering community from a company with credibility? You've come to the right place! After nearly 7 years of hard work, RWL now have thousands of workouts with a variety of trainers, styles and themes from zero equipment home workouts, to dance, yoga, pilates and everything in between!


We have a flexible approach to nutrition by offering a huge variety of recipes for several eating styles and educating you with the basics of why they are useful and how they may work for YOU!


Gem Blight

RWL Head of Communications | RWL Mindset & Motivation Writer | 10 years of teaching experience specialising in individual learning styles & inclusive practices | Currently studying Nutrition and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy courses