Do I have to go to the gym to increase muscle tone?

Do I have to go to the gym to increase muscle tone?

By: Cecilia Harris
13th January 2020
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Six Pack Abs, Toned Arms And Tight Buns. Do You Need Gym Membership To Achieve These Body Goals?

The short answer
You don’t have to attend a shiny gym to increase your muscle tone. You can get tonned muscles without going to a gym and there is no excuse for not building muscle however you exercise.

Here are 5 tips on how to tone up your bod without having to go to the gym:

1. Invest just a little bit!

We’d be lying if we said building muscle without lifting weights was easy. Resistance training and heavy weightlifting put's you on that fast track to building muscle.

Because of this, we recommend making a couple of small and simple purchases like getting a set of dumbbells, kettlebell, or a band. Or get your own resistance band that will really test your muscles and really works them harder.

2. Move ya body!

 Sometimes we forget just how useful our body weight is when it comes to lifting. You don’t even need any special equipment. Just your body – which you’ll have for life! And they’ll help you build and tone muscle – simple.


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Here are some of our favorite moves & tips:
  • Squats & lunges:

Our favourites to build the booty and great for improving core strength and balance.
  • Push ups:

This classic move is the God of helping to strengthen your core and build muscle in your upper body.
  • Tricep dips:

Got a chair or a bench? Even your sofa? Then you can do tricep dips. They are ideal for building upper body muscle mass also.

 Go for the ab workouts! Your abs are one of the few muscles that does well without weight training. Exercises like crunches, planks, and oblique twits are all performed with your body weight and gravity to build the core. That’s all you need.

3. Feed your muscles 

A huge part of muscle building and toning is what you eat. You need a surplus of healthy, nutrient-rich calories to fuel your muscles. Go for proteins like eggs, chicken & quinoa to feed, feed, feed. Do you have to eat breakfast? Well that depends on if you are doing intermittent fasting or not, but as a general rule of thumb, yes. Having a balanced breakfast with a good mix of carb, protein and fat is the best way to start the day.

4. Try not to overdo the cardio!

Cardio is amazing for burning fat and calories, but when you’re trying to build muscles you need enough fuel to do so. Stick to 2-4 days of about 30 mins of cardio.


Although we love our bodyweight exercises, resistance training is going to give you more muscle mass over a longer period of time. This is because you need progressive overload for maximum muscle gain.
Basically, you need to challenge your body every now and then. Although body weight exercises are a fantastic place to start and improve your training, it’s good to push your muscles a little more with alternative versions.
So yes, it is 100% possible to build muscle without going to a gym! All you need to do is grab some weights and get started on RwL's use and specially designed at-home workout videos!

Cecilia Harris

CEO & Co-Founder of RWL with Lucy Mecklenburgh | Head of fitness at RWL | Motivator & inspirer-in-chief | Driver of the fit pros through enthusiasm & perseverance in their chosen specialities