By: Lucy Mecklenburgh
17th January 2022
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There's a lot that changes when you have a second child and Lucy Mecklenburgh says she knows she won't make the same mistakes second time round

THERE is no "right" and wrong" when it comes to parenting, in fact, as parents we are constantly learning from our mistakes.

Which is why we wanted to ask Results With Baby founder, and mum-of-one Lucy Mecklenburgh to open up about the lessons she learnt from parenting her first son Roman, now 22 months, and find out how she'll do things differently as a second time mum.

Lucy says: "I'll be honest, I didn't really read any parenting books or guides or anything before I had my first child.

"I just figured I'd figure it out along the way and always just do my absolute best.

"In some ways I think that helped me, but in others it definitely didnt.

"Now I'm pregnant with my second baby I already know there are lots of things I will be doing differently to first time round, and while I know this will be different for every parent, here I'm sharing mine."


Accept more help


“When I had Roman, my first baby, it was mid way through Covid lockdown.

“Although I had supportive messages and calls from friends and family it was difficult to accept face-to-face support.

“When we came out of lockdown I was so used to not having support that I found it easy to just say “No it’s fine don’t worry I’ll do it/take Roman with me/juggle it.”

“But I’ve since realised that accepting help is SO important and it doesn’t mean you are not being a hands on mum, it just means you are allowing yourself time.

“Whether it’s someone holding the baby for an hour while I nap, a hot meal dropped over or someone to unload the dishwasher: I’ll accept it all this time round.”


Be honest about how I am


“I think we are all guilty of this whether we are a mum or not, but I know that, during the first year of being a mum, when people asked “How are you?” I’d always answer “yeah I’m ok.”

“There were days when I was absolutely OK, but there were days I was struggling, or exhausted, or not great and I’ve only recently realised the power of answering that question honestly because the response you get and the support you get on those days is so important!

“Honest phone chats or convos over a coffee date with a friend, there’s no shame in telling the truth if your struggling and I will absolutely be offloading this time round (so only ask me if I’m ok if you’re ready for the truth haha.)


No comparing


“I won’t compare! I honestly didn’t realise I was doing this for a long time.

“If other babies sleep better than mine, if they feed further apart, cry less, crawl sooner.. I used to worry or compare.

“I’ve learnt every baby is different and will develop in their own time and that is the beauty of your child.


Embrace knowledge


“I read and learnt very little when I was first pregnant.
“Of course I made sure I knew the basics and I went to anti natal classes, but, for example I never went to my breast feeding antenatal class as I thought “it’s natural it must be easy, I don’t need to be taught this.”

“Oh how wrong was I. 

“There is much much benefit from learning from professionals and other mums.

“The more I learnt the more empowered and confident I felt as a mum.

“I will re-educate myself on the 4th trimester this time around even though I’ve been through it before - because there is no shame in learning more!”


Buy way less newborn clothes


“As a first time mum is is so exciting that I just couldn’t resist buying newborn clothes in my third trimester.

“Then Roman was born and he was massive and never got in his newborn clothes - which was annoying as I’d washed them all ready and bought soo much!

“They grow so fast too, I felt so guilty that he only wore some of the lovely early months outfits once.

“Plain white cotton baby grows and not too many in newborn size this time round.

“Save the beautiful outfits for when baby is a little older.”


Take time to nourish myself with better food


“First time round I couldn’t believe how little time I had and I used this as excuse to not look after myself.

“I was so focused on Roman’s needs and feeds I rarely prioritised myself and my own meals.

“I lived off toast, crisps, biscuits and tea.

“This time round I know the importance of good nutrition to help me function and remain healthy so I want to try and eat more veg and proper meals this time round to keep myself well nourished.”


Lucy Mecklenburgh

CEO & Co-Founder of RWL with PT Cecilia Harris | Celebrity status goes back over 10 years | Has appeared on a number of shows on BBC, ITV & Channel 4; including Bear Grylls island where she met her current partner Ryan Thomas | New, proud mum of 1; Roman