By: Jenny Francis
17th February 2021
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RWL is now approved for NHS GP referral - but how can you benefit from this?

AT the start of the year we revealed how Results Wellness Lifestyle (RWL) had become one of an exclusive number of health and fitness apps to be approved by the NHS’ official app library, ORCHA.

The news received an overwhelming response from the UK population and medical professionals, who hailed the use of consumer health tech as the “future of health success.”

After meeting the strict criteria that ORCHA have in place for verification, RWL is now approved for social prescribing through the London Procurement Partnership DPS and direct commissioning, allowing the brand to reach large numbers of the population who need help and support with their health and wellness more than ever.

Only apps with high quality content, clinical experts and in depth research can be approved by ORCHA, meaning GPs can confidently prescribe their patients with digital solutions while patients can instantly reap the benefits of having health technology in their pockets.




A GP can now prescribe or refer a patient to the RWL app for a number of health problems.

Your GP has access to the approved ORCHA app library and can search for, locate and recommended the RWL app to you if you need health technology to aid your medical condition.

Depending on where you live in the country and which Doctor’s surgery you are registered to will depend on whether the your GP can cover the full cost of the subscription, offer it to you at a discounted rate, or recommend it to you






  • Talk to your GP about your health concerns

If you are struggling with a health problem and book an appointment with your GP, talk to them about lifestyle medicine.
RWL has been approved to be socially prescribed for: obesity, diabetes, mental health problems, sleep conditions, chronic pain, health in pregnancy, dietary problems.

By opening the conversation with your GP about your willingness to try lifestyle changes to aid your ailments, they can look to advise you and recommend the RWL app.

  • Ask your GP about RWL referrals

Some GPs already use ORCHA to provide their patients with the best health teach on the market, but others are less frequent with their use of the verified app library.

When you are discussing lifestyle changes with your GP, ask them about the possibility of being prescribed an ORCHA app.

This will alert them to the service and help them to find you an approved app for your conditions.

  • Fill our our referral form

Some GPs will be able to easily find RWL on their ORCHA system and even prescribe the service for free, but others will be limited by their local commissioning groups.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you cannot access RWL for your health needs.

Fill out our GP referral form HERE  and take it along to your appointment.

If your GP believes you and your health could significantly benefit from an RWL subscription, we can provide your GP with an exclusive QR code offering discounted membership to you upon their direct referral.

  • Don’t give up

This might sound complicated and - depending on your local commissioning group - the process of gaining access to RWL from a GP referral could be smooth or bumpy.

The key thing to remember is that socially prescribing health apps is a new way of approaching medicine.

RWL is at the forefront of this movement and as the NHS is still in the very early stages of rolling this out, patience could be needed in some cases.




  • Book an appointment if you don’t need one.

If you do not have any major health concerns and would not be booking an appointment with your GP, do not book an appointment just to ask for the RWL app.

GP’s and the NHS are incredibly busy and you should only mention the app to your GP as part of an appointment about a health concern, or via email.

  • Expect to get the app from your doctor if you have no health problems or concerns.

RWL is a wellness app with huge amounts of health benefits available to all members.

Research shows that living a healthy lifestyle is one of the top preventative medicines in the world and those who are wanting to take care of their health and wellness can always benefit from a subscription.

For you to be referred to the app or prescribed it by a medical professional, you will already have a health problem that needs addressing and this is why you will be considered for social prescribing.



Jenny Francis

Results Wellness Lifestyle Editor, Producer and Content Commissioner Jenny has a 13 year media background in news and features journalism and was Fitness Editor at a national newspaper for five years. Jenny is also a qualified Level 3 PT