By: Jenny Francis
10th March 2021
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THE NHS is putting the spotlight on women’s health and wellbeing with a new initiative - and RWL is giving its full support.

Women and girls in England are being asked to share their experiences of the national health system as part of a government strategy to address the “gender health gap.”

Government ministers have said there is "strong evidence" that services for female patients need improving and that fertility, maternity and menopause care are among the areas that to be looked at.


The campaign is reaching out to all women as part of a 12-week call for evidence to better understand women’s experiences of the health and care system.

This is a landmark government-led plan that RWL is backing as a huge step forward in improving the health and wellness of women.

All women are being encouraged to share their experiences within the health care system to form the basis of a new Women’s Health Strategy - making sure that the future brings positive change to how women receive support with all health concerns.

As an NHS verified app through ORCHA, RWL is encouraging all women in it's community to join forces and be part of this drive to improve the health and wellbeing of women now, and in the future.

By putting women’s voices at the centre of their care strategy the government are hoping to better understand what women need and what has been missing when it comes to women’s health.


Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary, said:

“The healthcare system needs to work for everyone, and we must address inequalities which exist within it.

“Improving women’s health, especially at older ages, is critical for a fair health and care system in the future.

“Our new Women’s Health Strategy will be a much-needed step forward to improve the health and wellbeing of women across the country.

“To build this strategy, we need to hear from those who it directly impacts.

“I urge all women, and those who have experiences or expertise in women’s health, to come forward and share their views with us to inform the future of this important strategy.”

This new and exciting call for evidence is quick to fill in and easily accessible from mobiles and laptops.

People who live with and care for women, organisations with experience of providing services for women and those with an expertise in women’s health are also encouraged to share their views.

“RWL’s CEO Cecilia Harris says: "Women’s health is at the centre of everything RWL does and we thrive on the feedback we get from our members.

"To hear that the government are taking women's health more seriously by directly coming to us and asking us what we need - this is incredibly exciting.

"Women’s voices need to be heard more, in almost every aspect of life, but health is the heart of everything we do and who we are, so this couldn't be a better starting point.

"I encourage all women to take this opportunity and to be a part of this government drive so that we can help ourselves, and every other woman, get the best possible service for their health."

RWL’s co-founder Lucy Mecklenburgh says: “I’m so glad that steps are being taken to improve women's health care.

"Part of my journey into fitness was improving my health and learning the importance of lifestyle change for women, so being able to share this experience and help other women get support with their lifestyle is amazing.

"This so called "gender health gap” is something we should all be aware of and because women’s health and wellbeing is so important to me I'm encourage all women to take part and be part of this drive to improve female health care."

Women in the UK currently have a longer life expectancy than men, but the Department for Health and Social Care says women spend less of their life in good health.

Minister for women's health Nadine Dorries said: "Women's experiences of healthcare can vary and we want to ensure women are able to access the treatment and services they need.

"It's crucial women's voices are at the front and centre of this strategy so we understand their experiences and how to improve their outcomes.”

From this week until the start of June 2021 the Women's Health Strategy will spend 12 weeks speaking to female patients about a wide range of issues including maternity care and mental health.

The six core-themes included in the call for evidence are:

1. Placing women’s voices at the centre of their health and care – how the health and care system engages with and listens to women at the individual level as well as at the system level.

2. Improving the quality and accessibility of information and education on women’s health – women having access to high-quality information when they need to make a decision, increasing health literacy, as well as increasing awareness and understanding of women’s health conditions among clinicians.

3. Ensuring the health and care system understands and is responsive to women’s health and care needs across the life course – supporting women to maximise their health across their lives, and ensuring services are designed to maximise benefits for women.

4. Maximising women’s health in the workplace – deepening our understanding of how women’s health issues can affect their workforce participation and outcomes, both with regards to female-specific issues such as the menopause, but also conditions that are more prevalent in women such as musculoskeletal conditions, depression or anxiety

5. Ensuring that research, evidence and data support improvements in women’s health – inclusion of women and women’s health in research and data collection and how that information is used, and driving participation in clinical trials to support improvements in women’s health.

6. Understanding and responding to the impacts of COVID-19 on women’s health – supporting women through the unique challenges they’ve faced during the pandemic.

Be a part of this call for evidence that RWL is backing. The drive will run for 12 weeks from 8th March 2021.

Be part of the change by giving your views and experiences HERE.



Jenny Francis

Results Wellness Lifestyle Editor, Producer and Content Commissioner Jenny has a 13 year media background in news and features journalism and was Fitness Editor at a national newspaper for five years. Jenny is also a qualified Level 3 PT