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Hi, I’m Lucy Mecklenburgh: Mum, Model, TV celeb, and founder of the original Online Fitness Platform in the UK - RWL.


A bit about me:

Hi I’m Lucy, I’m 28 and as I start my journey as a mother I’m probably in the best shape “physically and mentally”, of my life.
But that wasn’t the case 10 years ago when I started my journey into TV.
“Reality” was still in its infancy, it’s affects unknown, but five years ago when I quit TOWIE, I was completely drained, and running on empty.

Focusing on my wellness, has allowed me to enjoy, taking on some more challenging roles, over the past 5 years.
BBC’s Tumble (acrobatics) 2014, and Tour de Celeb (mountain section of the Tour de France), Had me facing, fighting and eventually overcoming some really tough battles.

Doing Bear Grylls - The Island Channel 4 (Bear Grylls, Celebrity Island 2016), was a completely different challenge. Mostly centred around (lack of) food, and it taught me that I am strong enough to survive without my snack or other “luxuries” which I’ve always taken for granted. I also met my fiancée Ryan xx

Most of all I’ve brought some balance to my life, my 80:20 rule roughly applies to almost everything I do, and I hope RWL can bring that balance to you to

I’m now facing my biggest ever challenge. Maintaining that balance, while bringing up a baby. Wish me luck

About Results Wellness Lifestyle:

Moving on from “Lucy Meck” the reality star, to a fitness business owner, has been a perfect way to change the direction of my life for the better, while additionally helping hundreds of thousands of women become empowered to take control of their Fitness, Food and Mindset, in a warm & friendly, nonjudgmental Community.


At some stage this year, we will hit the 5 million "Fitness Videos Played" milestone on RWL. That’s a lot of stress, frustration and calories burned, and I’m proud to have been a part of making that happen.

RWL is way more than just a training programme. It is a holistic way of life that delivers all of the tools necessary to succeed in changing your lifestyle for the better.

“We understand that everyone is on a different path, which is why our focus is on the journey, and not on achieving a specific body shape. We believe that when you enjoy the process and make health your goal - your body will take care of itself.”

RWL has been creating Fitness Videos and Healthy Recipes for the past 7 years. We have programmes designed to keep you interested, motivated and on track. Whatever your goal!

We added Live Classes nearly 2 years ago. They are so great to give you the lift you might need midweek, or at the weekend, if you’re just not feeling it.

And with the launch of our brand new combined App & Website membership deals, there has never been a better time to join and find the home and solution you’ve been looking for.

If you’re ready for change in your life; if you’re prepared to do the work; RWL will work for you.

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1000+ Workout Videos & 11 Structured Programmes


600+ Healthy Recipes & Built In Calorie Tracker


4 Advanced Mindset Courses & Deep Breathing Tools

Fitness Your Way, Anywhere, Anytime, Anyday.

At home or in the gym - RWL offers 1000+ workouts suitable for all levels of fitness. Finding time for your fitness journey is easy, and achieving your results is even easier, with our amazing variety and effective training sessions to keep you challenged and motivated. Use the  filtering tool to make RWL fit YOUR lifestyle. NEW weekly workouts and a motivating online community, will get you feeling fitter, stronger and more confident in no time!

  • bullet PointsCreate your own playlist full of your favourite workouts
  • bullet PointsUse Filtering Tools to pick style, difficulty and body area
  • bullet PointsTrack your progress with a timeline of your performance
  • bullet PointsWeekly Live Workouts with top personal trainers AND RWL community members

Real Food, Simply Done. Flexible Diet System

Lose, gain or stabilise your weight using our gut health friendly Flexible Diet System and advanced tracking features, including a barcode scanner and calorie counter. Enjoy access to our Meal Plans, hundreds of Recipes, your favourite Diet Styles, Daily Intake Diary and mobile Shopping List. With additional access to 1000+ workouts at all levels/ durations - RWL will help you achieve your goals!!

  • bullet Points600+ delicious Recipes
  • bullet PointsChoose from the most popular diet plans such as: Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Mediterranean, Vegan, and many more!
  • bullet PointsScan your food to track your calories and keep all your meals recorded in your Daily Planner

Wellness, Mind, Body & Soul

Learn how to tackle different areas of your life and focus your attention towards your wellbeing. Begin creating better habits and coping with your life stresses & anxieties by improving your self-esteem, happiness & motivation. Start realising the importance of sleep, health and wellbeing, and turn your procrastination into action. Become inspired today!

  • bullet PointsHappiness, Motivation, Confidence & Relationship Courses
  • bullet PointsDeep-breathing features that remind you to find time to BREATHE - proven to reduce stress levels
  • bullet PointsAn amazing Community of like minded women who are there to support you throughout your lifestyle journey

Flexible Tracking For Weight Management

Whether you are trying to improve your diet, lose weight, or keep track of your fitness - RWL has got it all. Stay on top of your progress using a variety of tracking features that keep up with your hard work. Equipped with a Calorie Counter, Daily Planner, Personal Timeline and much more, RWL is all you need to stay motivated. With features available on your phone, laptop, tablet or Apple Watch/ Fitbit you can make sure all your data is updated - making tracking easy!

  • bullet PointsCalorie Counter providing our recommended intake based on age, activity, weight and gender
  • bullet PointsPersonal Timeline of transformation photos & measurements - that show you changes in your body, when the scales haven’t changed
  • bullet PointsDaily Planner that tracks meals, exercise, water, emotions, and more


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The 12 weeks of the New Beginnings Plan soon passed and at the end of this programme, I had lost a staggering 3 stone 5lbs and an overall inch loss of 38.5 inches! I have gone onto loose a total of 6 stone!


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Our team of dedicated professionals are ready to help you get motivated.

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